All donations go through Real Medicine Foundation. RMF is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

For those who cannot purchase art at this time but would like to make a tax deductible donation to support The B Project, here is how:

Click the DONATE button below and make sure to follow the instructions on how to label your donation properly so Real Medicine Foundation know you came from The B Project.

Mark the memo section of your payment as B PROJECT to ensure your donation comes to us. (This is very important as RMF is working on 30 different projects around the world, so you need to specify where your donation is intended to go.)

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE FINDING the memo section of the payments, here is where to look:

Under credit cards you will see the second line reads ‘Direct Donation Towards.’

  • Click the down arrow
  • Then click ‘I’d like to request a specific purpose’
  • A memo box will then appear and you can type in B Project.

Under Paypal there is an actual description/memo box were you can type where you would like to apply your donation.

For checks or wire transfer, there is a visible memo section

How your donations help

$50 feeds a child for 2 months.

$50 gives adults an opportunity for second chance with a month of weekly adult education classes.

$50 gives the student community a chance to socialize by funding a movie night.

$70 employs a local woman to cook at a school for a month.

$100.00 paints a school (we have 8 to paint)

$150 feeds one child for 6 months

$200 educates a primary class covering one month of teacher salary

$250 gives adult women a second chance at entrepreneur ship with 3 months of tailoring class.

$300 educates a secondary class covering one month of teacher salary

$300 keeps kids healthy with sport gear for a year.

$300 invigorates kids with creativity, providing an art kit for a year

$300 feeds a child for one year.

$400 equips 6 schools with a starter collection of library books

$500 gives kids a chance to express themselves, with a music kit for a school for a year.

$600 gives adults a second chance with a year salary for an adult education teacher

$800 gets community women back on their feet by providing sewing machines for the commencement of a small business initiative.

$1000 provides kids of 6-18 years old with trauma counseling services for 6 months.

$1000 Helps create local community enterprises for women by paying for tailoring classes .

$1000 Provides 6 schools with a complete starter library including books and shelves.

$1500 Feeds a school for a month.

$2000 reinvigorate schools with Providing a teacher’s salary for a year (We need 10 new teachers in order to staff the 8 schools properly)

$2000 Builds a classroom (We need 4 new ones)

$2000 Provides mental and emotional recovery to school children 6-18 years with psycho social counseling for one year.

$2500 Funds the Girl Power Program for 6 months – educating local children about sex trafficking, with the aim of preventing it for good!

$2500 Funds the Children’s Hero program for 6 months, inspiring local kids with hero speakers who motivate them about the benefits of an educated life.

$3000 Gives community women another chance at life with adult literacy classes for a year.

$5000 provides food for 1000 kids for a month.

$10,000 staffs an entire school for a year.

$10,000 provides cooking staff for 8 schools for a year, providing full time jobs to 27 local women.

$10,000 provides food for 8 schools for a month.

$50,000 builds a community center to aid post earthquake recovery – and includes teacher accommodation, volunteer accommodation, entrepreneur training, sewing lessons, adult literacy class and a community library.

$50,000 provides life changing nutritional meals for 8 schools for 6 months. (2200 students from grade 1 to 12)

What your donations have already done

We have rebuilt 2 schools in full and created 2 temp schools.  

Location: Gobre and Lek Kharka

We have started feeding programs for eight schools, including paying local cooking staff, and transport (sometimes on foot).

Bought water filtration system for 3 schools, 3 more to be installed and work has started on toilets for 6 schools.

Provided students at schools with Student kits, bags and text books.